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Friday the 13th Part 3 – Podcast Episode 6

We’re just getting started delving into the world of Jason Voorhees, and 1982’s Friday the 13th Part 3 continues along with the idea and format established in the first two films of the series, but it definitely has some elements that sets it apart as truly memorable. For one thing, this movie features the debut of the iconic hockey mask. Ironically, even though this film establishes the look of one of the most famous movie serial killers of all time, the characters in the film itself apparently don’t know anything about the legend of Jason Voorhees. Does that work in favor of the movie, or does it make things that much harder to believe?

And speaking of characters, there are certainly some memorable ones here. But are they memorable for the wrong reasons?

And what about the 3D aspect of the film? Does it hold up over time? Is it (and was it always) too gimmicky for its own good? Listen to night three of The Last Theater on the Left’s Friday the 13th marathon of podcasts to find out which one of us had some serious issues with, well… a lot of things in this movie!

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