House (1977) – Podcast Episode 3

House is a beloved movie, but to people love it for the wrong reasons? Join me in episode 3 of the LTL podcast as I make an argument for looking past the crazy visuals of House and appreciating the movie for its deep connections to Japanese folklore, the medium of film, and what it means to grow up in a society affected by war!

Oculus – Podcast Episode 2

Oculus is an enjoyable psychological horror movie, but what was it about the film that had Joey and chris disagreeing? What really happened in the movie? Anything? Was it scary? And what would the beginning of a straight-to-video sequel of Oculus be like? Find out in episode 2 of The Last Theater on the Left podcast!

Episode 1 – 300: Rise of an Empire Review

In the first review episode of The Last Theater on the Left, Joey and chris discuss 300: Rise of an Empire. There were buckets of blood spilled in the water, but is it worth going to the theater to see? Listen and find out! Also, movie recommendations inspired by the movie and talk about the upcoming Godzilla movie!