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Horror Series Lore is Headed to Amazon


Amazon Video has recently announced that they’ll be adding some new horror to their on-demand lineup in 2017 with the anthology series Lore.

Lore will be based on the podcast of the same name which explores the dark side of humanity by presenting real-life stories of horror. I wasn’t familiar with Lore before Amazon’s announcement, but I’ve since been listening to the podcast and I quite enjoy it. It feels a little like a documentary at times, but the stories are told in a way that’s very engaging. As stated on Lore‘s web site, it’s akin to a “campfire experience.” I’ll be interested to see how well this translates into a TV show, especially since they could go a few different directions with the presentation.

The Amazon series will be produced by Gale Anne Hurd (producer of AMC’s The Walking Dead among other great shows and movies) and will have Glen Morgan as the series showrunner. Glen Morgan was a producer on The X-Files series and also wrote some of my favorite episodes including “Home,” “Squeeze,” and “Ice.” With these two names attached, I’m very optimistic that Lore will turn out to be something good. And looking at Amazon Video’s fairly sparse selection of horror TV shows, some good horror will be a very welcome addition.

While you’re waiting for the show to debut, take a listen to the podcast over at Lorepodcast.com.


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