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Six Upcoming Horror Movies to get Excited About in 2017

It’s a new year! The holidays are over and it’s time for everyone to start thinking about going back to work and school (unless you work in the service industry where you never stopped working and the end of the holidays feels like a vacation in itself). But along with the drudgery of returning to our daily lives comes the promise of a fresh batch of horror movies to look forward to in the coming months!

A lot has already been announced, and there’s surely a lot more on the way, but I’ve taken some time to sort through what’s been scheduled for 2017 so far to try to find some possible buried treasures. Everyone knows about the reboot of the Universal Monsters and the next installment in the Alien franchise and all the other high-profile, high-budget films, but there are plenty of horror movies coming out that seem to be flying under the radar. So to do my part in trying to get people to widen their view when looking for horror movies to watch, I’ve come up with a list of six movies scheduled for release in 2017 that I feel aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Take a look!

If you like what you saw and are interested in any of the movies mentioned, here are some links to their official sites.
Death House: facebook.com/DeathHouseHorror
Life: lifemovie.com
We Are The Flesh: facebook.com/tenemoslacarne
Raw: focusfeatures.com/raw
Bornless Ones: bornlessones.com
Terrifier: facebook.com/arttheclown

And here are some links to the other movies shown in the video, but that didn’t quite make my top six:
Dead Story: deadstorymovie.com
Eloise: www.imdb.com/title/tt3692652/
Hunting Grounds: valleyofthesasquatch.com
Get Out: getoutfilm.com
Pitchfork: pitchforkfilm.com
The Mummy: themummy.com
Kong: Skull Island: kongskullislandmovie.com
Alien: Covenant: alien-covenant.com

And if you want to take a look at all the trailers for horror movies scheduled or a 2017 release so far, check out the playlist I made on YouTube. I’ve scoured YouTube to find as many horror trailers as I can, and I’ll continually update it throughout the year as more movies get announced and more trailers get released. On the playlist page I’ve added notes for specific release dates if they have been confirmed.


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