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New Theatrical Releases: March 2020

March 2020 Theatrical Releases


March 6 (limited)

Interest: High
I love westerns, particularly spaghetti westerns, and the shots in this trailer make it look like it’s definitely inspired by those fun Italian flicks. There’s also something about a UFO maybe? I’m definitely interested.



March 6 (limited theatrical and VOD)

Interest: Moderate
This didn’t initially look like something that would fit with the theme of The Last Theater, but watching the trailer makes me think that it might go to some pretty dark places. That’s good enough for me to include it on this site. Plus, the movie looks like it could be really good.


The Hunt

March 13

Interest: Slight
This looks heavy-handed and maybe not-so-great, but I’m interested enough to want to see it. I think I’ll try my best to stay away from any comments about The Hunt though. Just a brief perusal of the YouTube comments immediately made me sigh, roll my eyes, and shake my head all at the same time. People are just using it as a platform to complain about politics, as if politics in film is something new. It isn’t, and the basic plot of The Hunt isn’t really all that new either. Ever heard of Surviving the Game? That movie is a lot of fun!



March 13

Interest: Moderate
This is another movie that might not fit perfectly into the theme for The Last Theater, but it looks violent and pulpy enough that I feel okay including it this list. I’ve only read a few Bloodshot comics, but he always looked like a neat character. The movie looks fun, and I love the fact that Guy Pearce is in it since it seems to have so much of a Memento feeling to the plot (Memento being one of my favorite movies).


A Quiet Place Part II

March 20 DELAYED

Interest: Moderate
I liked the first one, and the addition of Cillian Murphy is a definite bonus. This should be fun.



March 20 (limited)

Interest: Moderate
I’m not sure what how dark this will get, but it looks wacky enough to be something I’d enjoy a lot.




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