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Black Christmas (1974) – Podcast Episode 18

Every year there seems to be a lot of debating about what is and isn’t a “real” Christmas movie. Does Die Hard count? What about Gremlins? (For the record, they both qualify.) And what about horror movies? Can a movie designed to frighten and disturb you really embody the holiday spirit? Well, with its focus on family, friends, and a mysterious man sneaking into a house to give gifts in the form of bloody murders, I say Black Christmas certainly qualifies as a film fit for holiday consumption.

With its stellar cast and clever direction by Bob Clark, the man who is also responsible for Porky’s and A Christmas Story, 1974’s Black Christmas is a holiday tradition at The Last Theater on the Left. Listen to episode 18 of the podcast as chris and Joey discuss why the film is so effective, how it served as a sort of midway point between the Italian giallo films and the American slashers that were to come, and how the movie’s chilling ending might have more to it than we see.

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