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The Crow (1994) – Podcast Episode 17

The Crow is one of those rare films where everything seems to come together to create something that transcends the genre it exists within. It is a comic book tale of revenge, but it is so much more than that. It is a story of love and loss, and of the pain of letting go when people we care about are taken away from us. It is a story about Eric Draven, but it is just as much a story about the actor who brought him to life, Brandon Lee.

It is an extremely powerful movie for many reasons. From the filmmakers, to the supporting cast, to the star-making performance from Brandon, The Crow is a film in which means as much today as it did when it was made. Listen to episode 17 of The Last Theater on the Left podcast as chris and Joey break down the film from its comic book origins all the way up to what it means to watch the movie all these years later.

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