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Oculus – Podcast Episode 2


So there was an episode of The Last Theater on the Left podcast that got recorded but never published. Joey and I went to see Oculus soon after it was released in theaters. Well, sorry for this episode being a tad bit late… by a few months, but since Oculus is now out on DVD and Blu-ray I thought I might as well put the finishing touches on this review episode. Also, October (the month of Halloween) is fast approaching and I’m already getting excited so I wanted to share our thoughts on this movie with you all.

Was Oculus worth going to see in the theater? Should you check it out now? What actor surprised us with their large head? What character was a huge jerk? What really happened in the movie? Did anything actually happen? How would we write a straight-to-video sequel of Oculus? Find out the answers to these and other questions in episode 2 of The Last Theater on the Left podcast!

I really like this episode. Joey and I have a good talk because we approach this movie from fairly different perspectives. Coincidentally, our perspectives coincide with the perspectives of the two lead characters. I think that gives our discussion a very fair assessment of the film. We also give our very different recommendations for further viewing inspired by Oculus and talk about a mysterious trailer we saw for the movie The Rover.

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Oculus – Podcast Episode 2

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Show Summary:
00:00 – Oculus review
24:01 – Official rating for Oculus
27:46 – Movie recommendations inspired by Oculus
34:10 – Trailer Talk: The Rover
39:40 – Plugs and outro
Total Run Time: 40:42

Theme music: “Rising Game” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Thank you for listening! If you get a chance to see Oculus let us know what you think. Was it scary to you? What do you think actually happened?


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